You cannot lead unless you can Coach. Coaching is the art of influence that underpins leadership in the 21st century. If you’re to be a credible teacher of leadership, you have to know how to Coach.

In the John Maxwell Team, we have what is recognized as the most comprehensive Coaching training and curriculum available in the industry.


Structured into five powerful learning modules, the curriculum is an easy to follow, step-by-step roadmap that simply yet effectively explains the art and skill of Coaching.

You’ll learn:

• What makes Coaching unique
• The different between Coaching and other learning

   modalities such as teaching, training and mentoring.
• How the mind and creative process works – so you know 

   how to influence your clients to higher levels of performance
• The six contexts of Professional Coaching
• How to ask powerful, life-changing questions
• How to listen deeply to what’s being said and not being said
• The Coaching model and how to structure your Coaching

   interactions - with live examples led by Christian
• How to conduct a successful intake session with your clients
• How change impacts the mind & how to prepare your client for it
• How to Coach groups and teams
• What traps to look out for and avoid as a Coach
• And much, much more